Whole Woman's Health Baltimore LLC


David Augusto Chang
Delhi E. Thweatt Jr
Diane J. Horvath Cosper
Mari J. Bentley (aka Mary Josephine Mansfield)
Timothy P. Spurrell

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7648 Belair Rd.

Baltimore, MD 21236

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CitySearch.com -- Delhi E. Thweatt, Jr. at Whole Woman's Health (clinic still open)    

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Misc Documents

Whole Woman's Health Baltimore, Initial Survey, 2 22 2013

Violations discovered during a facility inspection, including: improper use and storage of medications; 43 syringes with liquid pre-drawn and no label to indicate the name of the solution, date drawn, who drew it, and the expiration date; failure to secure medical waste sharps and protect the safety of the patients; recovery room sharps containers both open with syringes, needles, and medications at top and easily accessible to patients

Whole Woman's Health Baltimore, Relicensure Survey, 7 27 2015

Violations include: 4 of 10 staff not immunized for Hep B as required, INCLUDING the physicians

Amerigroup Provider Directory -- Bentley and Chang at Whole Women's Health Baltimore

Insurance provider list. Mari Bentley and David A. Chang practice at Whole Women's Health abortion clinic in Baltimore, MD. See pages 6, 49, & 151.