Hagerstown Reproductive Health Services (owned by Potomac Family Planning Center)


Delhi E. Thweatt Jr
Earl N. Mcleod

Phone Number

301-733-2400 or 800-773-9140


160 W Washington St. #100 - FL 1

Hagerstown, MD 21740

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Other info

  Maryland Board of Physicians - medical license search (type in abortionist's name) According to the OCHQ (Health Dept), this clinic "has not been licensed as a Surgical Abortion Facility since May 2013."  See document below.

Medication: Yes




06-11-2018 OHCQ -- Health Dept Response letter - no clinic license since 2013

Office of Health Care Quality: Hagerstown Reproductive Health Services "has not been licensed as a surgical abortion facility since May 2013."

Malpractice History

Misc Documents

Hagerstown Reproductive Health, Initial Survey, 2 28 2013(1)

Deficiencies discovered during Feb. 2013 inspection. 5 of 5 employees not trained in emergency transfer of patient for hospitalization ---- failure to ensure the use of chemical indicators in each package of sterilized equipment ---- failure to use steam indicator strips to ensure sterilization of surgical instruments

Hagerstown Reproductive Health Complaint Survey 4 7 2016

At the time of the survey, the complaint issue was in compliance.

Hagerstown Reproductive Health Survey 8 14 2015

1 of 2 physicians missing infection control training and did not understand "basic precautions as handwashing, wiping down equipment..., use of gloves,...proper disposal of soiled linen, glass, needles, and sharps." ----- one RN did NOT don gloves or wash hands during pre-op patient care using her bare hands, and after cleaning the toilet with her bare hands the RN cleaned the recovery room chair for the patient to sit without washing her hands or donning gloves ----- the clinic administrator revealed there is NO infection control training for physicians, and revealed she was not aware of infection control breaches and failure to wash hands or don gloves by the nursing staff ---- staff members not trained in emergency transfer of patients to hospital; administrator did not provide emergency training ----- 5 of 5 patients did not have a history and physical exam performed by a physician or qualified health professional before their surgical procedure, and failed to assess 1 of 1 patient's elevated blood pressure ----- spore testing not done on autoclaves (for sterilization of instruments)