Amitasrigowri S. Murthy

Murthy, Amitasrigowri
Murthy, Amitasrigowri

Abortion Mill

NYU/ Bellevue Hospital -- Reproductive Choice Clinic

Medical School

SUNY Downstate Medical School - Brooklyn, 1998


462 First Ave, 4th Floor, New York City, NY 10016


Surgery:       YES
Medication: YES

Other Info

Amitasrigowri S. Murthy trained to perform abortions in the Family Planning Fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh.  Murthy is now a professor at NYU Med School, and Director of NYU’s Family Planning Division (abortion-training program.)  The NYU Family Planning Dept. does abortion training for their Family Planning and Ryan Residency students at the Bellevue Hospital Reproductive Choice Center.  See documents at right.


NYU Family Planning group photo - Treasure Walker - Erica Hinz - Amitasrigowri Murthy
Murthy, Amitasrigowri -- pic 2
Murthy, Amitasrigowri - pic 3
Murthy, Amitasrigowri -- pic with Treasure Walker - Veronica Ades - Livia Wan - Family Planning Dept - Bellevue Reproductive Choice Cli
Murthy, Amitasrigowri -- YouTube pic - Director, Division of Family Planning
Murthy, Amitasrigowri -- YouTube pic 2


NYU Dept. of Ob-Gyn -- Division of Family Planning -- Interviews with multiple doctors and abortionists, including Amitasrigowri Murthy, MD.


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