Marilee Ann Hanson

Hanson, Mariliee - MN apps pic
Hanson, Mariliee - MN apps pic

Medical School

Stanford University School of Medicine


Surgery:       YES
Medication: YES

Other Info

May be administering chemical abortions at the late Leroy Carhart’s former abortion clinic in Bellevue, Nebraska

Secured interstate compact license in Colorado, February 12, 2022, and in Nebraska, March 1, 2023. She listed her office address as 6308 Knoll Drive, Edina, MN  55436. She indicated her primary state of residence is also Minnesota, enabling her to secure interstate compact licensure in other states where abortions can be performed.

Former abortionist at: Dr. Mildred Hanson – Medical Aids

Marilee Hanson continued her mother Mildred’s abortion business at the above clinic.  However, the clinic allegedly stopped offering abortions in late 2018.


Hanson, Marilee - pic 2
Marilee Ann Hanson - House - pic 1


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