Care-Clinic of Abortion and Reproductive Excellence

Bellevue Abortion Clinic
Bellevue Abortion Clinic


Leroy H. Carhart (aka Leroy Harrison Carhart, Jr) - inactive (deceased)
Tyrone C. Malloy - active
Garry Siegel - Inactive (deceased)
Tamer Yvette Middleton
Jill L. (Vibhakar) Meadows
Aaron Campbell




Surgery:       NO
Medication: YES

Other Info

Fraudulent Practices at ‘Don’t Care’ Abortion Center in Bellevue, Nebraska

Formerly Abortion Clinics ORG INC of Nebraska

Formerly CARE – Bellevue, NE (formerly

Marilee Hanson may be administering abortion pills here following Leroy Carhart’s death. 

Owner, Leroy Carhart, died 4/28/2023.

Halted surgical abortions in 11/2022.

Clinic address: 1002 W Mission Ave., Bellevue, NE 68005

Late-Term Abortionist Causes Life-Threatening Bleeding, Report Published 9/20/22

Air Force Medical Resident Caught Participating in Abortion Training at Nebraska Abortion Facility, 10/19/2020

This facility has changed its name once again.  It is now CARE (Clinics for Abortion and Reproductive Excellence).  Formerly  Formerly Bellevue Health Center.  Formerly ACCON, (Abortion and Contraception Clinic of Nebraska)

911 from 2005: Abortion Worker Withholds Critical Information About Dying Abortion Patient, 5/30/2018

Watch: 911 Records Show Carhart Abortion Patient Hemorrhaged Half Her Blood Volume, 5/29/2018

“Butcher of Bellevue” Strikes: 17-Week Abortion Gone Wrong At Carhart’s Nebraska Abortion Mill, 3/27/2017

Carhart Subpoenas Seek Records of Baby Parts Trafficking & Aborted Babies Born Alive

New 911 Recording: Incomplete Abortion, Bleeding Hospitalizes Carhart Nebraska Patient

Carhart Worker to 911: “We had an issue with the procedure”

911: Moans, Screams Heard from Botched Abortion Victim at Carhart’s Nebraska Clinic – March 31, 2012

Nebraska Attorney General Seeks License Revocation of Carhart’s Only Nurse for Improperly Drugging Patients, Other Violations – May 22, 2013

The “Abortion Contraception Clinic” is also known as the “Bellevue Health Center.”  See clinic license documents below. has two sister clinics — one in Bethesda, MD, and one in Bellevue, NE.

Former abortionist: Luke Wenzel

Former abortionist: Garth Summer


1002 W Mission Ave., Bellevue, NE 68005


Actual Photo of 9-2-2022 Emergency


9/2/22 Emergency: 38-year-old female with life-threatening hemorrhage (above)


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