Maryam Guiahi

Guiahi, Maryam -- pic 1
Guiahi, Maryam -- pic 1

Abortion Mill

Comprehensive Women's Health Center

Medical School

Loyola University Chicago School of Medicine, 2005


8111 E Lowry Blvd Ste 250, Denver, CO 80230


Surgery:       YES
Medication: YES

Other Info

Maryam Guiahi completed a Family Planning specialty (abortion-training program) at Columbia University in 2011.  A self-described “abortion provider,” Guiahi is listed as a “Family Planning” provider at the University of Colorado-Denver, which runs the Comprehensive Women’s Health Center abortion clinic.  Guiahi received a Ryan Residency grant to train residents in abortion at St. Joseph hospital.  She advocates to include abortions at Catholic and faith-based hospitals.  See documents at right.

Announced in Fall of 2020, Dr. Maryam Guiahi has been appointed vice president of medical affairs at Planned Parenthood California Central Coast (PPCCC).


Guiahi, Maryam -- pic 2
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