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Family Planning Associates Chicago
April 2016 Botched Abortion Gurney Chicago FPA
April 2016 Botched Abortion Chicago FPA
IMG_0134 Botch April 2016
IMG_0131 Botch April 2016
Emergency Transfer to Hospital ER of 40-Year-Old Woman on 4/26/2023


Woman With Uterine 'Injury' at Family Planning Associates in Chicago
Woman transferred to hospital on 11/10/2023
Above, woman transferred to hospital on 4/26/23. City refused to provide publicly available 911 audio. See full report: "Chicago Covers for Abortion Facility, Injuries Continue" under "OTHER INFO" at left.
Woman Can't Wake Up After Abortion, Published 3/3/2023 (above video)
4-6-22 Emergency (above) 20-Year-Old Woman Suicidal Immediately After Abortion


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