Near North: Center Elizabeth Cohn Morris Health Center -Planned Parenthood (Chicago, IL)

Near North Center Planned Parenthood
Near North Center Planned Parenthood


Jennifer M Brown
Amy K. Whitaker
Larry Faines
Janet Lauerman Petty
Louis M. Fernandez
Katherine M. Sisco
Melissa L. Gilliam
Joi F. Bradshaw-Terrell
Andrea Loberg
Caroline M. Hoke
Sabrina A. Holmquist
Darwin C. Jackson




Surgery:       YES
Medication: YES

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Chicago Planned Parenthood: Two Women Bleed Out in Less than a Week

Dangerous Chicago Planned Parenthood Calls Ambulance for Woman with Life-threatening Uterine Perforation during Abortion, 4/4/2022

Planned Parenthood Gave Teen an Abortion then Handed Her Back To Her 45-Year-Old Abuser, 1/7/2022

Chicago Planned Parenthood Sought Ambulance for Woman with Possible Internal Injuries After Abortion, 10/11/2021

Unsafe! Hemorrhaging Woman Transported During 22nd Medical Emergency in 5 Years at Chicago Planned Parenthood, 9/2/2020

Woman Returns to Chicago Planned Parenthood Hemorrhaging and in Pain after Abortion, 5/28/2020

911: Woman Hemorrhages After Botched Abortion at Dangerous Chicago Planned Parenthood, 12/17/2019

Former clinic abortionist: Jacqueline M. Morgan

Listen to 911: Chicago Planned Parenthood Abortion Facility Botches 2 More Abortions; Now Averaging One Every 6.5 Weeks, May 9, 2019

Listen: Ambulance Called for Hemorrhaging, Vomiting Teen after Abortion at Chicago Planned Parenthood, 11/16/2018

Listen: Safety Concerns Mount as Chicago Planned Parenthood Hospitalizes Two More Patients, 10/22/2018

Watch 911: Two Women Transported from Chicago Planned Parenthood After Botched Abortions, 10/9/2018

911 Records Show 4 Emergencies in 4 Months at Busy Chicago Planned Parenthood Abortion Facility, 8/28/2018

911 Call: Confusion at Planned Parenthood over Which Patient Needed an Ambulance, 3/3/2017

Former clinic abortionist: Kevin K. Tao (associate medical director)

Clinic address: 1200 N La Salle Dr., Chicago, IL 60610



1200 N La Salle Dr., Chicago, IL 60610


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Report published 9/29/23: "Chicago Planned Parenthood: Two Women Bleed Out in Less Than a Week: (Full report at left under OTHER INFO.


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