Melissa L. Gilliam

Gilliam, Melissa
Gilliam, Melissa

Abortion Mill

Ryan Center at University of Chicago -INACTIVE
Near North: Center Elizabeth Cohn Morris Health Center -Planned Parenthood (Chicago, IL)

Medical School

Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, 1993


University of Chicago Medical Center


773-834-9995 312-266-1033


5758 S Maryland Ave 1200 N La Salle Dr., Chicago, IL 60637 60610


Surgery:       YES
Medication: YES

Other Info

In 2001, Dr. Melissa Gilliam performed a fatally botched surgery on patient Regina Romero at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Chicago.  Gilliam practiced as an ob-gyn doctor at the hospital, although she was not ob-gyn certified. Gilliam was supposed to remove a small portion of the cervix for patient Regina Romero. Instead, Gilliam cut out a large section of the uterus and cervix, causing lacerations, infection, and severe bleeding. Patient Regina Romero suffered a hemorrhage, lacerations, infections, and sepsis. Despite multiple surgical attempts to save her life, she died from complications to the fatally botched surgery, leaving her two children motherless.  See documents below.


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