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New Haven Planned Parenthood
New Haven Planned Parenthood


Nancy L. Stanwood
Timothy P. Spurrell
Gabriela A. Aguilar
Nikki Colodny
Vanita Kumar
Peter J. Beller
Frances W. Ginsburg
Edward J. Watson




Surgery:       YES
Medication: YES

Other Info

Former clinic abortionist: Susan K. Bowers

Former clinic abortionist: Gene D. Kirschenbaum

Former clinic abortionist: Daryl Louise Wieland

“From Open Schools to Sex Ed” — Note that Planned Parenthood of New Haven formerly was located at 50 Fitch St.

Ezra Stiles College, campus resource list. Note old address listing for Planned Parenthood at 50 Fitch St. phone call transcript, 2011 — Caller poses as statutory rape victim, clinic promises cover-up.

Planned Parenthood of CT — Former address listing at 50 Fitch St., New Haven, 06515

Taxpayers paid for intact human fetal brains from StemExpress — FreeBeacon, 11-5-2015

Taxpayers are paying for human fetal brains from StemExpress: Report — theBlaze, 11-5-2015

Dr. Nada Zecevic at the University of Connecticut bargained for aborted fetal “specimens” from Planned Parenthood of Southern New England, to conduct her fetal tissue experiments.  Zecevic purchased numerous shipments of aborted fetal brain tissue and other fetal “specimens” from StemExpress, a go-between corporation which sourced aborted baby parts from abortion clinics.  See documents, correspondence, and invoices below.

See documents below for malpractice lawsuit against PP of Southern New England and PP nurse Stephanie Malia, ARNP.


345 Whitney Ave, New Haven, CT 06511


Professor Nada Zecevic does fetal brain experimentation at the University of CT


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