Preterm Cleveland



Miriam Louise Cremer
David M. Burkons
Mark Wilcox
Mitchell William Reider
Justin Scott Lappen
Monique Yoder Katsuki
Natalie Hinchcliffe, DO




Surgery:       YES
Medication: YES

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Click for full report: “Six Paramedics Work to Save Woman at Ohio Late-Term Abortion Facility;” occurred 6/2/2023, published 6/20/2023 

911: Bloody Botched Abortion At Globalist Depopulation Training Site in Cleveland, September 23, 2021

Woman Hospitalized after “Extreme” Episode of Vomiting Blood at Preterm Abortion Facility, 7/19/2021

Former clinic abortionist: Rebecca Lowenthal

Dramatic 911: Young Woman Suffers Stroke Symptoms on Her Way to an Abortion — Appointment Not Kept, 8/31/2020

Another Ambulance, Plus Failed Inspection Report at Dangerous Abortion Training Clinic Where 2 Women Died, 9/30/2019

Update! 911 Records Reveal Woman Hemorrhaged, Drifted Out of Consciousness After Abortion at Preterm, 9/19/2019

Yet Another Woman Injured at Preterm as Operation Rescue Releases 911 Call Related to Patient Death in June, 9/16/2019

Autopsy Report: Woman Bleeds to Death the Day After an Abortion at Dangerous Ohio Facility, 9/3/2019

911: Hemorrhaging Abortion Patient Care Delayed by Broken Elevator — Again? 4/17/2019

Still-Hemorrhaging Abortion Patient Calls 911 for Help After Being Kicked Out of Ohio Abortion Facility at Closing Time, 12/10/2018

Former clinic abortionist: Lisa Perriera

Former clinic abortionist: Mohammad Rezaee

No Irish Luck: Ambulance Called for Heavily Bleeding Abortion Patient on St. Patrick’s Day, 4/10/2018

WATCH: Abortion Worker Batters Elderly Pro-Lifer as Injured Patient is Loaded into Ambulance, 3/29/2018

WATCH: Ambulance called for injured patient at Preterm abortion facility where woman died in 2014

Pro-Life Groups to Gov. Kasich: Patient Death & 10 Injuries Make Ohio Abortion Facility Too Dangerous to Operate (Complaint)

911 at Cleveland Abortion Clinic: She’s 21.3 Weeks & Something Went Wrong During the Procedure

Special Report: Secret Ohio Department of Health Docs Reveal 47 Horrific Botched Abortions, Countless Safety Violations and More

Ambulance Called to OH Abortion Facility where Woman Died from Botched Abortion One Year Ago

NPR Ignores Facts about Ohio Abortion Patient Death While Siding with Those that Killed Her – Includes Important Documentation!!

Pro-Life Leaders Call for Criminal Investigation into Cleveland Abortion Death in Light of New Evidence

Videos reveal pattern of botched abortions at Cleveland clinic

Buffett Foundation Tied to Cleveland Abortion Clinic Where Woman Died

ABORTION DEATH: Patient dies March 21, 2014

Preterm Cleveland v. Voinovich, Court of Appeals of Ohio, 7-27-1993

How harvesting organs from a dead abortion patient thwarted justice

Cleveland abortion facility that killed Lakisha Wilson hospitals another woman



12000 Shaker Blvd., Cleveland, OH 44120


Emergency Hemorrhage at Preterm Cleveland 6/2/2023
Emergency Hemorrhage at Preterm Cleveland 6/2/2023
Emergency Hemorrhage at Preterm Cleveland 6/2/2023
2014-03-21 11.06.19
2014-03-21 11.07.39
2014-03-21 11.09.38
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Above: 911 Recording, "Six Paramedics Work to Save Woman After Abortion at Ohio Late-Term Abortion Facility." Occurred 6/2/2023 at Preterm. Report published 6/20/23. See full report under "OTHER INFO" at left.


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