The Hope Clinic for Women (Granite City, IL)



Erin Lee King
David L. Eisenberg
Yogendra A. Shah
Tessa E. Madden
Margaret Baum
Gillian Brit Schivone
James Hobby
Jennifer Reeves
Rebecca Wilson
Jennifer Lane Valentine
Barbara Ann Starwalt
Ambrocya Marhae Owens
Leigh R Jacobson
Samanta Rael Stratton
Bonnie Bottenberg




Surgery:       YES
Medication: YES

Other Info

Nurse Laughing During Second 911 Calls in Two Days From Hope Clinic for Women, Published 12/2/2022

Woman Hospitalized After “Very Late-Term” Abortion at Hope Clinic (10/12/2022), Published 10/27/2022

As of March 2022, Owners are: Julie Burkhart (majority), Kathryn A. Dean, and Chelsea Souder, medical director is abortionist, Erin King

Abortion Emergencies, 911 Cover-ups, and other Scandals, 7/21/22

Eleventh Woman in 2 Years Hospitalized from Abortion Emergency at Hope Clinic for Women 5/19/2022

Evidence: Catholic Hospital Pressures Women to Abort at Late-Term Facility that Just Botched 3 Abortions, 7/29/2021

Hope Clinic for Women Hospitalized Two Women in October — One Dangerously Pushed to ER in Wheelchair, 11/19/2020

Abortion Clinic’s Busted Elevator Forces Woman to be Carried Down Stairs after Suffering Medical Emergency, 5/19/2020

Illinois Ambulance Takes Woman to Missouri Hospital After Abortion Emergency at Clinic Packed with Women from 6 States During COVID-19 Outbreak, 3/30/2020

Former clinic abortionist: Lisa Memmel

Former clinic abortionist: Allen S. Palmer

Abortionist Loses Lawsuit Against Botched “Abortion” Victim

Active surgical clinic: 1602 21st St., Granite City, IL 62040


1602 21st St., Granite City, IL 62040


Photo of Hemorrhaging 42-year-old Woman Being Loaded on Ambulance Hope Clinic for Women (11/8/22)
Photo of patient being loaded on ambulance (11/9/22) at Hope Clinic for Women
Ambulance at Hope Clinic 3-28-2020
King snaps pics
Hope Clinic Granite City


High Priority Emergency Transports to Level 1 Trauma Center Two Days in a Row (11/8/22 and 11/9/22) (Above video) See full report linked in "OTHER INFO" at left "Nurse Laughing During Second 911 Calls in Two Days From Hope Clinic for Women," Occurred 11/8/2022, 11/9/2022, Published 12/2/2022 "High" priority emergency: 'late-term' abortion complications (above video) See full report linked in "OTHER INFO" at left, "Woman Hospitalized After "Very Late-Term" Abortion at Hope Clinic," Occurred 10/12/2022, Published 10/27/2022


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