Ulrich G. Klopfer

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2010 Ironwood Circle

South Bend, IN 46635

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License is currently suspended in the state of Indiana. (8/30/2016) Former abortionist at: Women's Pavilion Abortionist envisions gang rape and pregnancy of pro-life little girl Article on extensive malpractice history Documented filthy clinic conditions Abortion Practitioner Failed to Report Statutory Rape of 13-Year-Old Girl Complaints filed against Indiana abortionist request immediate suspension of his medical license Complaints Filed Over Fort Wayne Abortion Doctor Failing to Report an Abortion on a 13-year-old BREAKING: First abortion clinic closes in 2014 Troubled Indiana Abortionist Klopfer Under Criminal Investigation by Special Victims Unit Indiana Abortion Clinic Raided by Police Indiana Abortionist Criminally Charged After Failing to Report Statutory Rape of 13 Year-Old Girl Indiana Abortionist Headed to Trial for Failing to Report Abuse Indiana Attorney General Files Complaints Against Four Abortionists Klopfer Surrenders His Abortion License in Gary, Ind. More allegations against former South Bend abortion provider

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Ulrich Klopfer IN Apps

Application for medical license in Indiana.

Disciplinary History

IN AG's Press Release Re Admin Complaints 09162014

Indiana Attorney General announces the filings of administrative complaints against four abortionists for violations of abortion record-keeping and advice and consent laws.

Sep 2014 Legal Complaint against Klopfer

Administrative Complaint alleging professional incompetence for failing to report abortion information. Multiple counts against him. Seeks Board disciplinary action for being "unfit to practice."

Jan 2016 Legal Criminal Complaint against Klopfer

Two criminal counts against him; nine medical violation counts against him, including failure to report abortions on 13-year-old girls (statutory rape), failure to wait 18 hours for consent before doing abortions, failure to report abortions, incomplete medical records on 2405 abortion cases, unprofessional conduct, inability to exercise reasonable care.

Criminal History

klopfer charges lake county

January 8, 2014: Class B Misdemeanor, Failure to file a timely report. (Regarding statutory rape of a 13 year old girl).

News-Sentinal-13 y.o's Abortion Not Reported-09182013

News story concerning complaints filed by pro-life activists against Klopfer for failing to promptly report statutory rape of 13-year-old as mandated by law.

License Restrictions

Article, South Bend Tribune

"State suspends medical license of former South Bend abortion doctor" Aug 2016

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"More allegations against former South Bend abortion provider"