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Former abortionist at El Norte Clinica Medica in San Ysidro, CA. Gandotra botched multiple abortions, and was convicted of multiple felonies for Medi-Cal fraud. Gandotra lost his license after perforating a patient's uterus in a fatal botched abortion.

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Guru Nanek Dev University Medical College - India, 1972

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San Diego, CA

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State of CA, license verification: surrendered - Suresh Gandotra (search by name) State of CA disciplinary records - Suresh Gandotra CA Medical Board Decision, Jan 20, 1995 - Suresh Gandotra, MD agrees to surrender his CA medical license. State of NY, license verification: surrendered - Suresh Kumar Gandotra State of NY, discipline records - Suresh Gandotra NY Board for Professional Medical Conduct, 10-26-1992 -- Suresh Kumar Gandotra surrenders his NY license after being found guilty of eight felony counts in CA. State of IL, license verification: not renewed - Suresh Gandotra (search by name) People v. Gandotra - Dec. 23, 1992 - Court decision regarding Medi-Cal fraud by Suresh Gandotra, MD San Diego County Arrest Warrant - Suresh Gandotra (search by name) Court shuts down clinic, abortionist flees - See article #6. RealChoice Blog - Suresh Gandotra botched abortion history Suresh Gandotra - Abortionist fact sheet Magdalena Ortega-Rodriguez, age 23 -- Abortion doctor delays ambulance transport while patient bleeds to death Abortion provider: Suresh Gandotra Google Books - Magdelina Ortega-Rodriguez dies after botched abortion by Suresh Gandotra, MD - Reclaiming Our Health, page 76 Abortion patient's death shows license system flaws - LA Times, 3-21-1995 O.C. Doctor investigated in abortion death - LA Times, 12-15-1994 LA Times - Suresh Gandotra news stories Educated in India, Suresh Kumar Gandotra entered the abortion business in California.  His clinic was plagued by malpractice lawsuits, patient injuries, and legal violations.  In 1989, authorities investigated his clinic over a Medi-Cal billing fraud scandal.  Gandotra was convicted of multiple felonies and sentenced to 16 months in prison.  After serving jail time, Gandotra returned to the abortion business, but his poor safety record continued.  On Dec. 8, 1994, 23-year-old Magdalena Ortega-Rodriguez traveled from her native Tiajuana, Mexico, to Gandotra's clinic in San Ysidro for a second-trimester abortion.  She paid Gandotra $1000, but she bled to death after Gandotra perforated her uterus during the procedure.  Gandotra, who had no hospital admitting privileges, delayed ambulance transport while Magdalena hemorrhaged, lying on the clinic floor.  When emergency crews finally arrived, Magdalena was unresponsive.  She died in surgery at the hospital.  Gandotra's clinic was shut down, and he was required to surrender his license to the CA Medical Board.  Facing legal charges, Gandotra fled the U.S. and moved to India.  The San Diego County Sheriff's Dept. still has an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

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Disciplinary History

CA Medical Board Decision, license surrender 1-20-1995

The CA Medical Board finds Suresh Gandotra guilty of gross negligence in two botched abortions. Gandotra surrenders his license to the CA Medical Board, and can no longer practice medicine.

NY Med Board - Order, Application to Surrender License, & Statement of Charges, 10-26-1992

The NY Board for Profesional Medical Conduct files a statement of charges against abortionist Suresh Kumar Gandotra. Gandotra surrenders his medical license in New York, after having been convicted for eight felony counts in CA.

Criminal History

San Diego County Sheriff's Dept. WARRANT DETAIL

Arrest warrant for Suresh Gandotra from the San Diego County Sheriff's Dept.

Misc Documents

LA Times - Medical Board Needs to Intervene Faster, 4-16-1995

Abortionist Suresh Gandotra evaded discipline for years before finally losing license; reforms needed soon.

LA Times - Handful of Abortion Clinics Put Poor at Risk, 4-5-1998

A recent string of botched abortions, patient injuries, and deaths highlights a hidden problem. Negligent doctors operating at substandard abortion clinics put public at risk; low-income women especially vulnerable.

Suresh Gandotra news stories - L.A. Times articles

Article headlines from the LA Times regarding abortionist Suresh Gandotra.

Court shuts down clinic, abortionist flees

Article and newspaper clipping regarding abortionist Suresh Gandotra.

Abortionist fact sheet - Suresh Gandotra

Fact sheet with background history on abortionist Suresh K. Gandotra.

San Diego Union-Tribune -- Abortion clinic shut by court, Doctor forbidden to practice

Details of charges against Suresh Gandotra in the botched abortion death of Magdalena Ortega-Rodriquez.