Mayfair Women's Center

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14446 E. Evans Ave.

Aurora, CO 80014

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Former clinic abortionist: Ronald Edward Kuseski Mayfair Women's Center abortionist Ronald Kuseski was "personally trained" by abortionist known for grinding up aborted fetuses.  See affidavit below for details.   Clinic phone disconnected and property is up for tax sale - 7/21/2015

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Misc Documents

Affidavit and Deposition Excerpts

Court documents regarding Mayfair Women's Center founder and abortionist Dr. James J. Parks. James Parks' former business partner, abortionist Curtis Stover, filed a sworn affidavit against Parks for improperly disposing of medical waste. Among other violations, Parks used a kitchen meat grinder to puree and discard 2nd-trimester aborted fetuses. Parks admitted to using the grinder to dispose of fetuses in his 1991 deposition. See pages 2-4, and 8.

Notice of Lien - Mayfair Womens - Aurora CO

The CO Dept of Labor places a lien on the abortion clinic property, after the abortionist failed to pay unemployment tax.

Property Tax - Mayfair Womens - Aurora CO

Mayfair Women's Center is delinquent on all of its 2014 property tax.

Property Tax - Ronald Kuseski - Aurora CO

Abortionist Ronald Kuseski is delinquent on all his 2014 abortion clinic property tax.