Milwaukee-Jackson Center-Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin

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302 N. Jackson St.

Milwaukee, WI 53202

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Former clinic abortionist: Neville Sender Former clinic abortionist: Anna Marie Windsor Former clinic abortionist: David Olive Former clinic abortionist: Fredrik F. Broekhuizen (medical director) Former clinic abortionist: Kathy A. King Former clinic abortionist: Natasha Travis Former clinic abortionist: Susan L. Pfleger Halted abortions 10/9/2017 and transferred those services to another location: 435 S. Water St. in Milwaukee, WI. This facility is now an administration facility only. See documents below for PP Advocates of Wisconsin, and PP of Wisconsin.

Medication: No



Disciplinary History

Plan of Correction for Deficiencies

Corrective measures on file for failure to ensure competency of lab personnel, cited 1/21/2015

Lois Boyd, RN - License Suspension - 2003

The WI Board of Nursing suspends the nursing license of PP employee Lois Boyd for drug abuse at work.

Deficiency Report 1-21-2015

Deficiencies cited on 1/21/2015 include failure to ensure that lab personnel were competent.

Misc Documents

Planned Parenthood v. Van Hollen, Declaration of John Thorp, Jr., MD, 7-15-2013

Court testimony by Dr. John Thorp in favor of abortion legislation in Wisconsin.

2014 Form 990 -- Affiliate Chief Executives Council Inc, (PP Federation of America)

Affiliate Chief Executives Council Inc (Planned Parenthood Federation of America) -- State: WI -- Net Assets: $290,101 -- Gross Revenue: $357,829 -- Net Revenue: $-82,107

2014 Form 990 -- PP Advocates of Wisconsin Inc, WI

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin Inc -- State: WI -- Net Assets: $143,134 -- Gross Revenue: $1,299,890 -- Net Revenue: $-123,580

2014 Form 990 -- PP of Wisconsin

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin Inc -- State: WI -- Net Assets: $15,876,121 -- Gross Revenue: $28,476,903 -- Net Revenue: $2,898,778

PP Wisconsin - No Medication Abortions - Apr 20, 2012

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin suspends all medication (pill) abortions as of April 20, 2012, due to regulations that would require a patient to make 3 visits to the abortion provider to ensure patient safety and effectiveness of treatment.

Planned Parenthood v. Van Hollen, Opinion & Order, 7-8-2013

Planned Parenthood and various abortionists sue the state of WI over abortion legislation.

Medicaid overpaid 8 family planning clinics - WISC News 3

PP overpaid in medicaid audit which found a number of discrepancies, including prescriptions not signed by a valid prescriber, quantities billed not matching prescription quantities and reimbursements in excess of what is allowed.

Planned Parenthood v. Van Hollen, Declaration of David C. Merrill, MD, 7-15-2013

Court testimony by Dr. David Merrill in support of abortion legislation in Wisconsin.

Planned Parenthood v. Van Hollen, Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief, 7-5-2013

Complaint filed by Planned Parenthood and abortionists against abortion legislation in Wisconsin.

Van Hollen v. Planned Parenthood, U.S. Supreme Court Brief - Petition for a Writ of Certiorari

Court document requesting the U.S. Supreme Court to resolve a circuit court split regarding abortion legislation in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Abortion Clinics - WRC Abortion Brochure

Advertising brochure for several WI abortion clinics, including info on locations and abortion prices.

2017-10-06 Planned Parenthood Opens New Clinic - Wisconsin Public Radio

Article on Planned Parenthood abortion clinic relocating.

2019-01-16 Complaint -- PP of WI & King et al v. Kaul

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, abortionist Kathy King, and abortion clinic nurses Natalee Hartwig, Sara Beringer, & Katherine Melde sue the Attorney General of Wisconsin. The abortion clinic nurses want to perform abortions themselves even though they are not doctors, which is illegal under Wisconsin law. See pages 9-11.

2019-01-18 Judge Barbara Crabb disqualifies self -- PP of Wisconsin, Kathy King et al v. Kaul

Judge Barbara Crabb disqualifies herself from hearing abortion-nurse lawsuit.