Joel Paul Lebed


Abortion Mill

Locust Street Surgical Center - Planned Parenthood
West Chester Surgical Center - Planned Parenthood
Far Northeast Surgical Center-Planned Parenthood

Medical School

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine




1144 Locust St., Philadelphia, PA 19107


Surgery:       YES
Medication: NO

Other Info

Plaintiff, Colista Gemmel, went to the defendant Joel Lebed for a gynecological case. She told the defendant she thought she was pregnant, but the defendant failed to give her a pregnancy test. He scraped her uterus to remove benign polyps, and, without telling her, aborted her 12-week-old unborn child. Three months later she learned she had been pregnant, when another doctor who had examined the pathology reports on the tissue, asked her: “Why did you have that done when you were pregnant?”


Plaintiff instituted a suit for medical malpractice against the defendant in a Pennsylvania court. “The woman was totally devastated,” said her lawyer. The plaintiff’s husband also died within a year of the abortion. At the time of trial, the plaintiff was 45 years of age and had had the abortion 7 years earlier. A psychiatrist testified at the trial that she would suffer from “obsessive ruminations” about the child “for the rest of her life.” A jury awarded the plaintiff the sum of $1 million dollars.

  • Colista Gemmel  v. Joel Lebed, M.D.
  • Common Pleas Court, Philadelphia, PA, October, 1986


“The plaintiff testified that she was in intense pain as the defendant, [Joel] LeBed, attempted unsuccessfully to remove the implants for 15 minutes under local anesthesia. Finally, with the plaintiff in tears, she contended that LeBed gave up and called the co-defendant, Dr. Wilson. Wilson was able to remove all of the implants. After undergoing the Norplant removal, the plaintiff testified that she immediately began to experience pain in the left side of her arm at the surgical site. The pain worsened and spread to the left side of her body, including her chest, leg and foot, according to the plaintiff’s testimony.


“[…] The plaintiff’s physiatrist testified that the plaintiff suffered RSD as a result of median nerve damage sustained during the removal of the Norplants. The plaintiff’s ob/gyn testified that a median nerve injury would not occur in the absence of negligence during Norplant removal.”