Alexandria Women’s Health Clinic

Alexandria Women's Health Clinic
Alexandria Women's Health Clinic


Jan Paul Fruiterman
Elizabeth Fink Swallow
Daniel J. Noonan
Linwood Russell Turner




Surgery:       YES
Medication: YES

Other Info

Former clinic abortionist: Thomas H. Gresinger

Abortionist “Thomas Turner” is not listed with the VA Board of Medicine. Abortionist is either using a nickname or alias, or else holds no medical license in the state of VA.

Lilly A. Kane, RN, Clinic Administrator, License #0001055268

Abortionist Linwood Turner was sued for wrongful death.

Abortion clinic is in a high rise with the first 3 floors zoned commercial, and the upper floors residential.  Until the state inspected the facility, staff had been doing the clinic laundry in the basement laundromat, shared by other building residents.

NEW LOCATION (March 2019).  Old address: 101 S. Whiting St. # 215


2616 Sherwood Hall Ln Suite 307, Alexandria, VA 22306


Misc Documents

Deficiency Report

Documented Deaths or Serious Injury