Hillcrest Clinic of Baltimore (owned by Potomac Family Planning)



Earl N. Mcleod
Delhi E. Thweatt Jr
Frederick Gordon Weinstein
Delhi E. Thweatt Jr
Jeevan Mathura, Sr.




Surgery:       YES
Medication: YES

Other Info

Near Death at Hillcrest Clinic of Baltimore: 18-Year-Old Woman Suffers Multiple Seizures and Agonal Breathing Following Abortion (3/3/2023), published 6/27/23

Former clinic anesthesiologist: Wesly Desroches (deceased)

Former clinic abortionist: Carole M. Meyers

Former clinic abortionist: Alan C. Gold (malpractice history)

Former clinic abortionist: Moshe Salomy (malpractice history)

Former clinic abortionist: Sheo Sharma (malpractice history)

Public Safety Scandal: Maryland OHCQ licensed abortion facilities that failed to meet requirements — (see info on Hillcrest Clinic)

WARNING!  As of 4/5/2016 this facility is unlicensed!

Was temporarily closed for renovations due to new ownership in February, 2016.  Now affiliated with Potomac Family Planning. Reopened April 2016. Same abortionists with history of malpractice/ discipline/ child rapist protecting/ license revocation.

Clinic address: 5602 Baltimore National Pike # 600, Baltimore, MD 21228

Owned by Potomac Family Planning





5602 Baltimore National Pike, Catonsville, MD, USA


6/27/2023 Report: "Near Death at Hillcrest Clinic of Baltimore, 18-Year-Old Woman Suffers Multiple Seizures and Agonal Breathing Following Abortion" (Occurred 3/3/2023) (See full report under OTHER INFO at left)


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