Curtis Wayne Boyd

Abortion Mill

Southwestern Women's Options (aka Abortion Acceptance of New Mexico)
Southwestern Women's Surgery Center

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University of Texas Medical School

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522 Lomas Blvd NE

Albuquerque, NM 87102

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Ordained Minister turned Dallas Abortion doctor: ‘Am I killing? Yes, I am’ Ambulance summoned to abortion clinic again – circuit abortionist Curtis Boyd travels between New Mexico and Texas Late term North Texas abortionist under investigation in ABQ. More 911 calls show botched and dangerous abortion complications ABQ Abortion doctor under investigation Curtis Boyd on AbortionWiki The First Legal Abortion Providers Tell Their Stories -- NY Mag, 10-13-2015 Longtime Abortionists Boast About 'Helping Women' Before Roe v. Wade -- CNS, 10-19-2015 Abortion clinic sued over disclosure of fetal remains research - Albuquerque Journal, 12-05-2016    

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Medication: Yes





2008-11-19 Southwestern Women's Surgery Center - business registration

TX corporation registration for Southwestern Women's Surgery Center. Abortionist Curtis W. Boyd is the registered agent.

Emily Rothman, DO -- New Mexico Medicaid provider agreement

NM Medicaid provider registration. Note that Emily Rothman works for abortionist Curtis Boyd.

Boyd, Curtis Wayne - NEW MEXICO APPS as of 2017

NM medical license application file for Curtis Wayne Boyd.

Disciplinary History

"Curtis W. Boyd, MD, A Professional Corporation" -- 7-15-20219 Corp registration revoked, $200 penalty

Address at Southwestern Women's Options abortion clinic. Corporate registration revoked as of 7-15-2019, for failure to file biennial report. $200 penalty assessed.

Malpractice History

2019-06-05 Order Granting Defendants' Motion for Protective Order -- Atkins v. Boyd et al

Court document in lawsuit over Keisha Marie Atkins, who died from a botched abortion at Curtis Boyd's Southwestern Women's Options abortion clinic.

08-01-2018 Atkins v. Boyd lawsuit -- case docket & defendants list

Defendants include Curtis Boyd, Carmen Landau, Shannon Carr, the Univ of NM, Lisa Hofler, Lily Baydat, Brenda Pereda, & Lauren Dvorscak.

2016-11-30 Duran v. Boyd -- Complaint

Complaint filed Nov. 11, 2016. -- Patient Jessica Duran files suit against Southwestern Women's Options abortion clinic and abortionists Curtis Boyd, Shelley Sella, and Carmen Landau. Details given in document.

Abortion clinic sued over disclosure of fetal remains research

-- Albuquerque Journal, 12-05-2016. Patient Jessica Duran sues abortionist Curtis Boyd and the Southwestern Women's Options clinic for failing to disclose that her aborted baby would be used for experimentation by the University of New Mexico. See pages 1 & 3.

Boyd Lawsuit - 2007

Document shows medical malpractice suit against Curtis Boyd's clinic for abortion complications, including disfigurement, perforated uterus, and uncontrolled bleeding.


Duran v. Boyd case history and court document list. Initial complaint filing date 11-30-2016.

Documented Death or Injury

2017-02-03 Albuquerque Fire Dept incident report - Southwest Women's Options

Distress call from abortion clinic; patient Keisha Atkins died the following day after a botched abortion.

2017-05-25 Keisha Atkins Autopsy Report - botched abortion death

Keisha Atkins died on Feb. 4, 2017, as the result of a late-term abortion at Southwestern Women's Options. UNM, SWO's partner in the baby parts trade, did the autopsy and wrongly (in Operation Rescue's opinion) placed blame on her pregnancy instead of the abortion to cover up any culpability.

Curtis Boyd - Abortion Death - 1980

On January 22, 1980, Vanessa Preston, age 20, went into cardiac arrest and died after an abortion procedure performed by Dr. Curtis Boyd.

Lauren Dvorscak, MD -- NM license apps (RE: Keisha Atkins' pathology report)

New Mexico med license documents for UNM pathologist Lauren Dvorscak. Dvorscak co-authored Keisha Atkins' autopsy report (see page 1 of document below). NOTE: DVORSCAK IS A PATHOLOGIST -- NOT AN ABORTIONIST.

Misc Documents

06-19-2019 Attorney in wrongful death case says substandard late-term abortion center killed patient

Article on Keisha Atkins, who died after a botched abortion at Curtis Boyd's Southwestern Women's Options abortion clinic.

1995-04-21 State of New Mexico v. Danfelser

Abortionist Curtis Boyd and PP of the Rio Grande are plaintiffs in this lawsuit.

Special Report-Abortion Capital

Five-part Exposé Detailing How Boyd & Co. Turned Albuquerque Into The Late-Term Abortion Capital of the World

2017-10-23 non-party Jane Doe, MD, motion to quash deposition subpoena - Hawaii document 1 -- Whole Women's Health et al v. Paxton et al

Abortionist Curtis Boyd is a plaintiff in this lawsuit. Hawaii doctor "Jane Doe, MD" receives a subpoena to testify in a Texas lawsuit about abortion regulation. The anonymous "Dr. Doe" refuses to testify, and she files a motion to quash the deposition subpoena.

2017 non-party Jane Doe, MD - Hawaii document 25 -- order granting Jane Doe, MD's motion to quash deposition subpoena -- Whole Women's Health et al v. Paxton et al

Abortionist Curtis Boyd is a plaintiff in this lawsuit. Anonymous Hawaii doctor "Jane Doe, MD" was subpoenaed to testify in a Texas abortion case. She refused, and filed a motion to "quash" the subpoena. The U.S District Court of Hawaii grants her request, and allows her not to testify.