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Greater Boston Planned Parenthood
Greater Boston Planned Parenthood


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Alisa Beth Goldberg
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Alexander Shapiro
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Aaron K. Styer
Katharine White -- (Katharine O'Connell White)
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Surgery:       YES
Medication: YES

Other Info

Not Safe: Boston Planned Parenthood Has Hospitalized 10 Women in Last 12 Months

Former clinic abortionist: Phillip G. Stubblefield

Former clinic abortionist: John Gibson Curington

Former clinic abortionist: Deborah Anne Bartz

Former clinic abortionist: Steven Ralston

Former clinic abortionist: Maureen Elizabeth Paul

Former clinic abortionist: Louis “Jerry” Edwards

Former clinic abortionist: Diane R. Amsterdam

Former clinic abortionist: Sadia Haider

Former clinic abortionist: Jennifer M. Lesko

Former clinic abortionist: Melody Y. Hou

Former clinic abortionist: Sarita Sonalkar

911 Records: Boston Planned Parenthood Patient Suffered Post-Abortion Hemorrhage – (March 28, 2017)

Planned Parenthood Abortion Facilities Hospitalize Two More Patients, April 5, 2017

Police Report: Woman unresponsive after abortion at PP Boston

Six emergency vehicles swarm Boston Planned Parenthood

Ambulance Transports Victim from Boston Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic

Two Abortion Injuries on Same Day Land Women in Hospitals in Two States

Third Abortion Injury at Boston Planned Parenthood Highlights Epidemic of Botched Abortions

Brent Dubeshter has now left MA but is still in NY. Dubeshter once owned a clinic called Repro.


2015 salaries for top employees:

  • Martha Waltz CEO made $293,277 for 35 hrs/wk
  • Sisan Lit COO made $223,650 for 35 hrs/wk
  • Debbie Fenton VP of Health Center Operations made $145,747 for 35 hrs/wk
  • Collen Pinch Health Services Director made $178,590 for 35 hrs/wk
  • Karen Caponi Health Services Director made $166,449 for 35 hrs/wk

2014 staff data (see 2014 Form 990, page 14-15):

  • Kathleen Tyrrell, CNP — Mid-level Clinician, 35 hrs/wk
  • Karen Caponi — Health Services director, 35 hrs/wk
  • Colleen Pinch, NP — Health services Director, 35 hrs/wk
  • Alison Swift Packard, MD — Vice-Chairman, 1 hr/wk
  • Toni Golen, MD — Director, 1 hr/wk
  • Atsuko Koyama, MD — Clerk, 1 hr/wk
  • Andrea Edlow, MD — Director, 1 hr/wk


1055 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02215


PPBoston - Ambulance 1 - Mar 12, 2014
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Colleen Pinch, NP - 2017 PIC
Colleen Pinch, NP -- PIC 2017 BIG
Colleen Pinch, NP -- PIC
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