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Trust Women


Angela L. Marchin
Colleen P. McNicholas
Justin T. Diedrich
Abbey Hardy-Fairbanks
Nicole Araneta
Juliet W. Marsh
Christina M. Bourne
Jessica W. Guh
Rebecca L. Taub
Geetha N. Fink
Ruth M. Lehman Wiens




Surgery:       YES
Medication: YES

Other Info

Palm Sunday Botched Abortion in Wichita, Kansas, Happens Days after Gov. Kelly Orders Abortion Facilities to Stay Open, 4/6/2020

Abortion Clinic Worker Gives Pro-Life Leader Bag of Vomit from Sick Woman During Raucous Weekend of Abortions, 3/31/2020

California Abortionist Exposed to COVID-19 Conducted Abortions in Kansas Despite Not Being Tested, Pro-Life Leader Says, 3/25/2020

Kansas Abortion Facility Requests No Sirens for Woman Suffering a Stroke, 8/8/2019

911 Recording: “Trust Women” Abortion Mill Leaves Woman Lacerated, Hemorrhaging, 11/8/2018

Former clinic abortionist: Allen S. Palmer

Former clinic abortionist: Cheryl Ann Chastine

Former clinic abortionist: Robin Bresette

Former clinic abortionist: Thomas Russell Horton, Jr

Former clinic abortionist: Leslie Ellen F. Page

Former clinic abortionist: Sara Beth Pentlicky

Former clinic abortionist: Andrea Chiavarini

Former clinic abortionist: Maya A. Bass

Desperate 911 Call: Abortion Being Forced on Scared Teen at Wichita Abortion Clinic Dec. 1, 2015

BOTCHED ABORTION: Ambulance Transports Patient From Wichita Abortion Clinic in Former Tiller Building 03/26/2015

Students, Congressman Brave Arctic Temperatures to Pray for an End to Abortion

Man Attacks, Threatens to Shoot, Pro-Life Activist Outside Abortion Clinic in Wichita, Kansas

Postcards Featuring Abortion Victim Photo Spark Controversy in Kansas

Abortionists Jump Ship from Wichita Abortion Clinic as Fines and Scrutiny Mount 

FEC Issues Two New Deficiency Letters to Wichita Abortion Clinic Owner

Complaints Filed Against Wichita Abortion Clinic Owner Over Missing $37,000 in PAC Contributions

Elderly, blind, pro-life activist arrested for attempting to stop abortion guard from stealing sign

Clinic founder is Julie Burhart.  See documents at right.

Opened April 2013


5107 E. Kellogg Drive, Wichita, KS 67218


Ambulance at Trust Women 4-5-2020
Trust Women Seattle (WA) -- CEO Julie Burkhart pic
Burkhart, Julie - pic 1
Burkhart, Julie -- pic 1 snip



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