Women's Medical Center - Dayton


Roslyn Glenore Kade
William Mudd Martin Haskell

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1401 E. Stroop Rd.

Dayton, OH 45429

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FACILITY LICENSED REVOKED PER 11/30/2016 ORDER! FACILITY MUST HALT SURGICAL ABORTIONS WITHIN 15 DAYS. Primary abortionist is Roslyn Kade. Former clinic abortionist: Neil Strickland Double Trouble: Ambulances Transport Two Women in One Day from Haskell’s Dayton Late-term Abortion Clinic Woman Rushed to Hospital from Dayton Abortion Clinic - Aug 16, 2012 Pattern of Abortion Complications at Haskell's Clinic Prompts Complaint - Apr 12, 2012 Overdosed woman aborted without consent at Haskell's late-term abortion facility -- Aug 1, 2016 Outrage over forced abortion on impaired woman prompts tweetfest and complaint -- Aug 4, 2016    

Medication: No





Nov. 20, 2013: Abortion clinic request for a "variance," or permission to operate even though it cannot meet safety standards. Has no required hospital privileges.

Disciplinary History

0600AS Letter and adjudication order 11-30-16

Letter from the Ohio Department of Health informing the Women's Med Center that its Ambulatory Surgical Center license was revoked effective 15 days after the Nov. 30, 2016 order. The abortion facility failed to meet the requirement of having a hospital transfer agreement. Variance application was denied as insufficient. The facility can also appeal within 15 days of the order.


Sept. 2, 2016 report from the Ohio Department of Health recommending that the facility license for the Women's Med Center in Dayton be revoked.


Oct. 21, 2016: Ohio Department of Health's letter denying the Women's Med Center in Dayton a variance, which would make the abortion facility out of compliance with licensing laws. Women's Med Center has no valid hospital transfer agreement was required, and had been operating on a variance, which previously excused them from complying with the law.

Documented Death or Injury

911 Transcript

From March 12, 2009

Dayton Ab Complication-15 wks

Bleeding after D&E abortion at 16 weeks. Transported to Miami Valley Hospital

Dayton-2 Abortion Complications

ODH survey note describing 2 abortion complications that required hospitalization.


Call 1 in emergency incident. Advanced abortion patient begins to go into labor at hotel; hotel clerk calls 911 for help with "miscarriage."


Call 2 in an emergency incident. Late-term baby delivered dead in a toilet at a hotel during late-term abortion process.


Seizures after an abortion at Dayton (Kettering) office


February 9, 2012 emergency call from Women's Med Center, Dayton, Ohio, for an emergency involving a "complication with surgery".

Misc Documents

Lebanon Road Surgery Center (a.k.a. Women's Medical Center) v. Ohio Dept. of Health, 1-30-2014

Jan. 30, 2014: Memorandum Contra of Ohio Dept. of Health. Ohio Health Dept. explains why their order regarding Lebanon Road Surgery Center (a.k.a. Women's Medical Center) is in compliance with Ohio law, and argues that it should be implemented.

Abortionist Martin W. Haskell - Affidavit, 1-30-2014

Jan. 30, 2014: Affidavit regarding Lebanon Road Surgery Center (a.k.a. Women's Medical Center) v. Ohio Dept. of Health. Abortionist Martin W. Haskell argues that implementing the Health Dept. order will result in closure of his abortion clinic, and asks court to block the Health Dept. order.

External Document - 0600AS WARNING LETTER 01 04 2012

Letter indicates that the facility was operating without a license after failing to submit payment for renewal.

External Document - 0600AS FAC SFM 11 06 2014

Electrical violations corrected.